About Ope

Ope is a Norwegian circular design company that has stepped into the market to renovate paradigms and promote responsible ownership.

In 2011, founders, Lars Urheim and Eirik Høvik Helgesen established Ope with a passion to clean the damaged environment, protect nature and create a circular design company to tackle sustainability by starting with furniture waste.  

Ope started with the idea of creating interior furniture that was sustainable and reusable. Ope saw how physical furniture can be limiting for the flow of people’s changing environment. When redecorating or moving homes and offices, furniture does not adapt, and can be destroyed easily, creating unnecessary waste. So, the founders created the SpacecraftTM modular furniture system, that was flexible and multifunctional so it adapts to people’s life changes. The Ope modular system is composed of panels and connectors that act as building blocks for infinite combinations, such as shelves for displaying exquisite items or storage, or room dividers.  

As a further step to decrease the environmental footprint of Ope, in 2018, their journey took them to the Norwegian coastline to tackle plastic pollution. 

Furniture company tackles ocean plastic pollution 

Ope co-founded Ogoori, a Norwegian ocean impact startup company, with furniture manufacturer, Vestre, and environmental activist, Rune Gaasø. Ogoori is helping environmentally conscious brands to commit in protecting our ocean and adopt the regenerative-circular model.  

Ope will be using Ogoori’s ownerless marine plastic for future product designs, with their first product coming in August 2020. Ope is committed to cleaning up the ocean from plastic waste and storing them into Ope’s products to close the loop of plastic entering into nature ever again.

Lars Urheim, Co-founder and CEO

Lars earned his Bachelor of Arts and Master’s degrees in Interior and Furniture Design from the Bergen National Academy of the Arts. A true entrepreneurial spirit, he thrives under the pressure of creating new solutions to current challenges. Urheim is the inventor of three patented technologies, and have led Opes innovation projects related to regenerative business and circular economy.

Eirik Helgesen, Co-founder and Designer

Eirik graduated from Bergen National Academy of Arts, specializing in Interior and Furniture Design in 2007. In in 2012, Eirik received his masters in Design Product from the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. Eirik is responsible for visual representation and in-house product design projects.

The Future We Want To Create 

Ope’s vision is to see a world where there is a more balanced co-existence between humans, objects and nature. Ope aims to recreate a system that harmonises the interaction between industrial activities and the natural ecosystem by providing sustainable products and services, designed for the circular economy. This will open an opportunity to change people’s habit of consumption and leading them to protect the environment.   


Ope lets our customers embrace change through circular products, while pioneering an industrial ecosystem that embraces circularity and cleans up the planet instead of polluting it. 

Circularity – Regenerativity – Freedom and change 

  • Strengthen the connection between humankind and nature to restore balance in natural ecosystems by adopting the circular business model.   
  • Inspire the business community to embrace regenerativity as a business principle by designing a new industrial ecosystem.   
  • Allow our customers to feel the freedom of circularity by embracing changing needs, moods, times and environment through our dynamic interior solutions.   


Sustainable development goals we are working towards:  


Core values 

Diversity – We believe that diversity is important to bring better innovative solutions to solve bigger challenges. We learn together. We build solutions together.  

Respect – We approach nature with respect and humbleness. We offer and expect respect in human interaction and work actively to understand, not judge our counterparts.   

Responsibility – We take full responsibility of the state and function of our products, using circularity principles.  

Freedom – We want people to feel the freedom that comes with embracing the changes in life, as change is the only constant.   


True Circular Economy – Applying circular principles in our design processes 

Regenerativity  Restorative impact on nature as outcome from core activities 

Resource efficiency  Where economy meet ecology, key to profitability and low/negative impact 


Make the Sustainable Choice with Ope. 
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