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“We have through our own experiences, education and work learned how limiting and inflexible objects can be. In order to address this and give everyone the opportunity to create inspiring space, we developed the Ope™ modular furniture system.”

Eirik Helgesen and Lars Urheim, Designers of Ope™

Ope™ is built on the vision of providing the opportunity to create

The acceptance in today’s society to dispose of a product, when it is not fit for purpose any longer, lies at the heart of Ope™.  Influenced by the modern Scandinavian lifestyle, we have set out to create a timeless furniture system to address demands for sustainability, flexibility and individuality.

Based on four basic components, the form & function of a piece is decided by the owner.  The Ope™ system can be expanded in three dimensions allowing for endless possibilities whether that is to create simple storage units for the home, room dividers in an office environment or sculptural structures in public spaces. It all starts with the Ope™ connector and the rest is up to you.

Over time the system can be reconfigured and rebuilt as needs change to accommodate a different or expanded purpose.  This provides everyone from individuals, interior designers and architects with the freedom to define and redefine spaces through their furnishing.

Ope™ solves the needs of today as well as tomorrow.

Lars Urheim
Managing Director & Co-Founder

Lars Urheim cofounded Ope AS in 2011 and serves as Managing Director. In this role, Urheim oversees strategy and day-to-day operations of Ope™, an innovative Scandinavian shelving company that challenges the idea that furniture must be a static object.

Urheim has extensive experience in designing pieces for office, retail and leisure spaces, having started his design career renovating houses and working as a carpenter and property developer. Urheim also cofounded TRØKK16, a design collective with three other designers, now still active as a design duo. Urheim was the cofounder of IPI AS and inventor of its patented technical solution. Prior to joining IPI AS, he was dedicated to the development of an automated drawing system for auditorium seating solutions as well as standardized furniture architecture at Skeie Møbelfabrikk AS. From there, Urheim cofounded Fludo, where he was the co-inventor of a user centred navigation software for e-commerce.

As a designer, Urheim has won awards due to his focus on sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions. A true entrepreneurial spirit, he thrives under the pressure of creating new solutions to current challenges. Urheim is the inventor of three patented technologies.

Urheim earned his Bachelor of Arts and Master’s degrees in Interior and Furniture Design from the Bergen National Academy of the Arts. He and his family reside in Stavanger, Norway.

Eirik Høvik Helgesen
Creative Director & Co-Founder

Eirik Helgesen is the Creative Director for Ope AS, an innovative shelving company, which he co-founded in 2011.  In his role, Eirik is responsible for visual representation and in-house custom design.

Before he started his career as a furniture designer, Eirik spent a year with the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy. He graduated from Bergen National Academy of Arts, specializing in Interior and Furniture Design in 2007. During his time at the Bergen National Academy of Arts, Eirik also worked at Myhr Industrial, where he assisted in the design and production furniture and product prototypes. Upon graduating, he started working at the Scandinavian design company, Bolia, while simultaneously founding TRØKK16, a design collective with three other designers. Then, in 2012, Eirik received his masters in Design Product from the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. In addition to his studies and multiple professional endeavours, Eirik launched his own design company where he designed concepts, objects and interiors for organizations, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark and the World Business Summit on Climate Change.

Eirik has been a semi-professional cyclist, peddling throughout Spain, Belgium and Norway. Eirik also has a love for travel and recently visited Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Photo by Tove Lise Mossestad

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