Ope Spacecraft

“If you want to move a cabinet to another room, it doesn’t mean that it would survive the move. So, the modular system was designed to solve this and to change single-use furniture. Furniture stays static. The design object is static, but everything around it changes,”             Lars Urheim, co-founder of Ope  

Ope Spacecraft is multifunctional, affordable and waste-free. 

Ope Spacecraft modular system was designed by Lars Urheim and Eirik Høvik Helgesen. It has an elegant Norwegian design which lets in light from all sides and gives it a soft and modern look. Influenced by the modern Scandinavian lifestyle, Ope™ modular system was set out to create a timeless furniture system to meet demands for sustainability, flexibility and individuality.   

Spacecraft modular system is unique in the sense that the form and function is decided by the customer. The modular system is comprised of only four component parts which forms modules that can be mounted with endless possibilities. It can be assembled into shelving to display exquisite items, simple practical storage solutions or room dividers. Spacecraft modular system is flexible enough to accommodate the customer’s vision. When needs and space change over time, the Spacecraft modular system can be reused and reconfigured. 

Let’s co-design your home workspace 

Ope offers a personalised in-house and virtual comprehensive service. One of our experienced consultants will help turn your vision, needs and individual style into the perfect solution for you. Drawing from our unique furniture design approach we will work with you to create a beautiful, resolved space in line with your lifestyle and personal aesthetic.   

For a fixed monthly fee, Ope offers a subscription model that delivers flexible, dynamic workspaces that can easily be adapted to your changing needs. The benefits from renting our modular system is that you can update your designs whenever you need to and zero waste created. 

Our services include:

  • Space evaluation either in-person or virtual meeting 
  • Co-design with you using AR technology – Test it here on your Apple device
  • Modular system delivery and installation
  • Hassle-free: We keep your system updated and handle any excess components  
  • Moving to a new home? We re-design and move the modular system for you 

Due to covid-19 situation, your safety is our priority. On 15th May Norwegian Directorate of Health published guidelines concerning home offices. Home offices are an important tool for reducing contact between people both at the workplace, and when travelling to and from work using public transport. 

Ope is compliant with the public guidelines, and helps small, medium and big companies who are affected by COVID-19 to create solutions for home offices during the pandemic. The Ope modular system could create a home office system dimensions suitable to any space. In addition, you may be able to get tax deduction for your home office.