Ope’s Circular Design for SHE Conference

Ope was asked by SHE Conference to furnish the stage using our sustainable and reusable modular system. The system allows for a great variety of options, as it is designed for redesign and adaptability.

The theme that was chosen for the SHE Conference is called “Transformation”. Ope framed the sofa so that speakers like Gro Harlem Brundtland, Kristin Skogen Lund and Berit Svendsen could have a more intimate chat, and to reflect the theme. On-site adaptations to match the conference needs was an easy fix as the system allows for last-minute creative fancies and design modifications.

Ope continuously pushes the boundaries of circular economy, and now offers a furniture system exclusively on a “Furniture as a Service” model for the B2B market. But that is just the beginning. Ope has joined forces with their partner, Vestre to launch Ogoori, a company that offers plastics that is 100% ownerless marine waste on a ‘Material as a Service’ model.

Our goal is not just closing the loop, but to clean the planet, and store all the lost plastics in human objects forever.

Why was Ope at SHE Conference? Ope has always focused on circular design, and leverage diversity and female leadership within our field.

Could you think of using our circular designs for your home, office space or anywhere? Simply hit us an email at eirik@opework.com.

Photos below show how the Ope modules are showcased at the SHE Conference’s main stage and exhibits.